Values of Darüşşafaka

Whenever you see an elegant and unpretentious kindness in someone, or come across a mature modesty in a person that does not consider himself or herself the center of the universe, or hear someone with a beautiful Turkish pronunciation, you could know for sure there and then. That person is a member of Darüşşafaka. However many Darüşşafaka members I have met, I have not come across an exception in contradiction with these qualities.

Haldun Taner

The most crucial pillar for Darüşşafaka Schools is their VALUES. All well-established institutions sustain their existence with the values they have determined and commit to. All our students know by heart the values of Darüşşafaka, which ensures equality of opportunity in education. As soon as they enroll in the school, they first learn the school anthem and then, as Haldun Taner said, the values that will shape the envisioned Darüşşafaka student. That’s because Darüşşafaka’s mission and vision create a unique school structure in Turkey.

Vision– To be among the most reputable and best schools of Turkey raising talented youth without an opportunity for quality education.

Mission– Darüşşafaka Schools provide equality of opportunity in education to fatherless and/or motherless children without an opportunity for a decent education, thereby preparing them for the 21st century with the quality education it offers.


  1. Integrity: Personal and academic integrity – Honest communication – Fairness and honesty
  2. Respect: Respect for self, other people, cultures, living creatures, environment, individual differences, personal space
  3. Responsibility: Responsibility at the personal, social, communal, and academic levels – Living together, owning togetherness
  4. Productivity: Bringing added value to one’s immediate circle and society – Production – Saving – Idea – Solution
  5. Awareness: Of oneself and humanity – Rights and responsibilities – Understanding the world and Turkey
  6. Tolerance: To people, differences, beliefs

Values Education

The institution does not prioritize students’ academic, social, and personal development over one another. Students, their families, and their schools are responsible for students’ development in these three areas. The priority objective in personal and social development is to have students acquire and develop the above-mentioned values of our institution. 

  1. All employees are responsible for monitoring and guiding students and being role models for them in order to ensure the internalization of the values at school.
  2. The institution acts responsibly in students’ values education. The acquisition, internalization, and development of values are not considered to be limited to time and place. Life on campus is wholly based on values. Our institution creates opportunities for the internalization of the said values in all areas such as academic programs, dormitory life, social responsibility projects, student council activities, in-class responsibilities, skills workshops, trips, and events. 
Ada Dijital Ajans