Quality Policy

Darüşşafaka Society works to provide talented motherless and/or fatherless children, who are nationals of The Republic of Turkey and lack sufficient financial means, with an educational opportunity in keeping with contemporary educational principles and standards by ensuring equality of opportunity in education for them, and to raise individuals who are life-long learning, self-confident leaders who have embraced universal values, and are aware of their responsibilities towards their country and society and who have incorporated such values as a whole into their lives. With a view to ensuring acceptance and adoption of this activity by all of the staff and establishing an organizational culture, senior management has elaborated a Darüşşafaka Quality Policy as described below, and it shall apply to all activities and units thereof and be in place at all times.

  • To manage all entities of Darüşşafaka Society by adhering to and never compromising the principles of “equality”, “transparency” and “accountability” so as to strengthen the pioneering role the Darüşşafaka Society assumes as the first non-governmental organization in the field of education, its motto of “Equality of Opportunity in Education” and its reliable and long established reputation;
  • To support social and emotional development of its students through social and cultural activities while providing them with the best education by keeping pace with and implementing the evolving technologies;
  • To establish staff that are well-educated, competent and qualified in all aspects as well as to ensure improvement and development thereof via continuous on-the-job trainings as an organization aware of the fact that the best education can be furnished through example behavior and attitudes,
  • To maintain sustainability of donation incomes by improving the sources and quality of donations;
  • To work with teams of experts in order to make sure that our donors lead a physically and mentally healthy as well as a happy and peaceful life in Darüşşafaka Residences;
  • To continuously control and inspect efficacy of the management system, and put into effect necessary improvements, and achieve and maintain applicable and implementable conditions and requirements;
  • To ensure establishment of a participative and pluralist management approach in our organization and to this end, to promote Leadership and staff participation in all of our processes;
  • To enhance its quality of service and deliver a higher-than-expected service by keeping pace with technological developments;
  • To ensure service continuity by using the resources efficiently and effectively.

Board of Directors

Date: 25.02.2020 / Decision No: 7

Ada Dijital Ajans