Career Opportunities

Application and Assessment Process

  • Job postings by Darüşşafaka Schools are advertised on and
  • Darüşşafaka Schools post jobs for academic staff from all fields every year. Applications for the relevant field are evaluated depending on the vacancies during the year.
  • Teachers and education directors should submit their applications via either the website or the e-mail address
  • In case of provision of false information, the application shall be deemed invalid.
  • Evaluation of CVs is performed in a confidential manner.
  • The following are considered while evaluating the candidates’ CVs:
    • Meeting assignment conditions set by the Ministry of National Education,
    • Suitability of teacher’s field (graduation from the relevant department, pedagogical formation certificate if graduation is not from teachers’ college),
    • Having a good command of technology.

Interview Process

  • Candidates that are found to be meeting the above-mentioned conditions during the CV evaluation process are contacted by phone for an “interview”.
  • Interviews are conducted by the school administration and human resources staff.
  • For candidates whose interviews and evaluations are positive, references are contacted.
  • Candidates that are found to be meeting the expectations during the reference checks are invited for a meeting with the General Manager, and the recruitment process is finalized when mutual agreement is established.
Ada Dijital Ajans