Social Sciences

Examining the individual and society, social sciences are used to construct social life, solve individual and social problems, identify the failing aspects of society, or shed light on certain points in the past. 

Giving history, geography, philosophy, and religion and ethics courses, the Social Sciences Group raises individuals that care about nature, have an understanding of the world, know their history, and respect cultural differences. Our aim is to prepare for life the students that are modern, secular, tolerant, creative, entrepreneurial, productive, democrats, and loyal to Atatürk’s principles and reforms; recognize and protect national and universal values; have critical thinking and problem solving skills; know and use their rights and fulfill their responsibilities; are knowledgeable about humanities, economics, history, culture, and philosophy; contemplate global issues; are open to knowledge and new experiences; apply what they have learned to new situations; and use information and communication technologies. 

The social sciences courses are taught in line with the general and specific learning goals of the MEB curriculum. Web 2.0 tools such as group work, interactive presentation, survey, and assessment and evaluation are utilized in the courses in order to both improve the students’ technology skills and ensure their active participation. Moreover, our students’ development is supported by performance tasks having up-to-date content and requiring creativity. In order for the students to gain social awareness along with academic reading skills, teachers determine books for all levels and students read those and prepare book reports for evaluation by teachers. Furthermore, we use learning outcome-based school trips as an education medium and require students to prepare trip reports.

We assess outcomes by way of exams while the process is evaluated through quizzes, performance homework, book and trip reports, and in-class work. 

Courses taught by the Social Sciences Group teachers are history, philosophy, geography, religion and ethics, and history of reforms of the Turkish Republic and Kemalism; the teachers also give elective courses that are Turkish culture and civilization history, contemporary Turkish and world history, geography, and psychology to 11th and 12th graders in Turkish language-mathematics track.

In order for our students to socialize, develop academic skills and cultural competencies, and enhance their knowledge and various skills, we support them to participate in project competitions by TÜBİTAK and we also organize trips within and outside the province, interviews, debates, inter-class quiz competitions, workshops and symposiums to which students and teachers participate, and skill workshops.

Carried out by teachers of our group, debates, public relations skill workshops and activity skill workshops continue their work.

Ada Dijital Ajans