Parent-Teacher Association

The Darüşşafaka Parent-Teacher Association was formed in order to forge a union between the School and families, to ensure communication and collaboration between parents and the School, and to support social projects in areas requested by the School.

School administrators, teachers, and parents are automatically members of the association. The organs of the association are as follows:

  1. Parent-Teacher Association General Assembly
  2. Parent-Teacher Association Board of Directors
  3. Parent-Teacher Association Supervisory Board

Areas of Support

The Darüşşafaka Parent-Teacher Association will hereby be referred to as “DŞ PTA.”

DŞ PTA determines the projects that will be carried out throughout the year in cooperation with the school administration.

  • DŞ PTA contacts the parents to check whether they will support the School’s projects and prepares a list of the parents who will actively participate.
  • DŞ PTA is actively involved in the tendering processes for the shuttle company to provide the transportation of weekly boarders at the weekend and organizes the actual transportation.
  • DŞ PTA helps with welcoming/seeing off students, and the arrival/departure at/from the airport and bus station.
  • Every month, DŞ PTA organizes birthday celebrations for all students together with the Culture & Life Coordinator.
  • DŞ PTA organizes the Traditional Homemade Food Festival.
  • DŞ PTA gives support to the organization of the middle school graduation ball held after the graduation ceremony.
  • DŞ PTA helps with the implementation of the decisions taken by the School administration regarding the School’s goals and strategic development.
  • DŞ PTA cooperates with and supports the school administration in school activities.
  • DŞ PTA supports the Schools in social responsibility projects and in areas requested by the School.
  • DŞ PTA actively participates in official ceremonies and events.
Ada Dijital Ajans