Skills Workshops

Dreaming about raising the leaders of the future with each new student and redesigning the education at any given time to achieve this dream, Darüşşafaka is aware that this dream will only be possible by raising individuals who are engaged in every field of sports, art, and science.


At Darüşşafaka Schools, students are steered to workshops according to their individual interests and skills following the annual skills test results and meetings involving teachers, parents, and students.

Skills categories at Darüşşafaka Schools are as below:

  • Verbal-Language
  • Logic-Math
  • Visual-Spatial
  • Aural-Musical
  • Personal-Self-Directed
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic
  • Nature-Skill

The programs of the workshops under the above-mentioned categories are professionally prepared by leaders selected from among the school staff or external experts. Students attend these workshops once or a few days a week, depending on the need, and work to showcase their product/performance at the end of the year. Each student is followed up individually; progress in the relevant field is aimed.

Leaving behind the traditional school club approach, Darüşşafaka Schools ensure that students take part in skills-based workshops, thereby boosting their skill development and design abilities. Moreover, the results of the works of students that are placed in workshops relevant to their skills are observed to be a crucial factor in the following process of career guidance and in their choices of profession.

Its Objective

Skills workshops

  • support students’ development by identifying their skills and interests; and

  • support students’ skill development, thereby increasing their academic success and reducing risky behaviors.

Its Stages

Stage 1. Administration of skills tests and preparation of skills maps,
Stage 2. Determination of workshops to be organized at the school depending on the skills maps,
Stage 3. Creation of programs,
Stage 4. Identification and training of workshop instructors,
Stage 5. Organization of counseling sessions and branch teachers commission meetings during the placement of students in skills workshops,
Stage 6. Implementation of skills programs,
Stage 7. Provision of skills and career guidance,
Stage 8. Products of skills workshops.

Ada Dijital Ajans