Technology And Education Department

Digital Transformation In Education

Since 1863, Darüşşafaka Schools have been investing in advanced technology. Having sophisticated equipment and facilities, our school raises students with the qualifications required and targeted in today’s world. With the mission of “equality of opportunity in education”, Darüşşafaka provides digital resources to all its students and teachers. Successful integration of technology into education ensures a great advantage about the use of equipment. Every student has the chance to receive education employing the utilization of tablet computers. Moreover, students are presented with different learning environments and production possibilities through computer laboratories with advanced technology, natural sciences laboratories, and 3D modeling laboratories. The Techno-Entrepreneurship Youth Center located within the school campus offers students large working areas for their robotics activities.

In all courses, not only in information technology classes, but also technology-enhanced learning designs are created, and a variety of learning environments are provided to students. Technology, therefore, occupies an important place in all courses.

To prepare our students for the requirements of the world of the future after their graduation, we conduct e-portfolio works to showcase and archive students’ products that they create as part of different courses starting from the 5th grade. In the meantime, the importance of file management, backup, and archiving is emphasized.

Interactive practices involving students, teachers, and parents are conducted via our institution’s learning management system. Our students’ personal, academic, and socio-emotional development, as well as their health, are followed during their time at Darüşşafaka. All activities are supported by the school’s technological infrastructure.

In addition to ensuring that our students create digital work, we endeavor to facilitate their development in terms of digital citizenship, prevention of and protection from cyberbullying, ethics, problem-solving skills, digital security, digital literacy, analytical thinking, and creative thinking skills. All these activities are also reinforced with skills workshops. Our institution plays a vital role in the preparation of our students for today’s world by supporting the development of their digital skills and following the progression of technology with 3D Design and Printing, Daçka Makers, FRC Robotics, FLL Robotics, FTC Robotics, Arduino, STEM and Artificial Intelligence skills workshops.

We organize in-house and external technical training programs as part of our professional development endeavors. We closely monitor advances in technology since it is in a constant state of progress, thereby carrying out continuous activities under the visionary approach and technical infrastructure of the institution. Formed within the scope of digital transformation, the digital leaders’ committee monitors global developments and reflects relevant observations onto their areas and the whole school. The Technology and Education Department within the School supports and pioneers’ digitalization in education through teacher training programs, curriculum development activities, and infrastructure arrangements to allow the adoption and continuity of technology in education.

Ada Dijital Ajans