Professional Development Program

Darüşşafaka Schools created a Professional Development Program (PDP) in order to sustain and support the learning and development of its staff.

Training courses within the scope of PDP have been structured as seen below according to their objectives and contents:

A. In-service training
B. Academic degree training
C. Compulsory training
D. Manager training
E. Talent pool candidates training

In a rapidly changing world, individuals who can prepare themselves for the new conditions and who care about learning and developing are more needed than ever before. Our institution, therefore, aims to create learning communities by way of increasing the number of professional learning environments.

The training courses that teachers attend are evaluated, thereby ensuring the transfer of obtained knowledge to the learning environments. 

The Skill Development Program (SDP), a subprogram of the Professional Development Program, was designed to sustain the development of the talent pool candidates who stand out for their high performance. The educators taking part in SDP receive training in the field that they want to develop according to the positions they choose, namely developing teacher, leader teacher, academic leader, and administrative leader. 

Once the selection and placement processes of the educational staff are finalized, the General Directorate, R&D Department, and School Directorates do the necessary planning and create schedules for the development of the staff in accordance with the Professional Development Procedure, and continuing throughout the year, training organizations are constantly monitored.

Ada Dijital Ajans