Information and Communication

The Information Technologies and Software Department’s aim is to make sure that our students develop 21st-century skills and achieve literacy in information, media and communication technologies. All course contents put emphasis on digital citizenship and awareness principles, and we aim for our students to become good digital citizens and internalize this concept. 

Receiving education about the basics of tablet computers starting from the very first day they set foot in Darüşşafaka, our students start creating their own content and keep up with the innovations of the era through their social media accounts and personal e-portfolios.  In order to be able to prepare their schoolwork, they receive Microsoft Office training (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel) at different levels as well as basic computer training. With this training, our students are enabled to prepare comprehensive reports, create interactive presentations, and become advanced Excel users. As of 5th grade, we give programming courses to our students at all levels to allow them to gain problem solving and algorithmic thinking skills. Our students design three-dimensional models, print out their products by using Tinkercad and Fusion 360 programs. Furthermore, they learn about current technological developments and possible future scenarios by experiencing the latest developments of the era, such as machine learning. They design their own drones with Fusion 360; they prepare things that require graphic design such as banners, posters, brochures, business cards, logos, etc. by using Adobe Photoshop effectively; and they design circuits through Department work by utilizing Arduino UNO and electronic circuit elements.

Our students’ success is assessed via exams, evaluations of what they produce, and projects.  All assessments are made based on applied work.

Our students are encouraged to participate in competitions in the field of and related to technology.

Ada Dijital Ajans