As the current intellectuals of the future, just like they were in the past, our students walk after the culture, arts, and creativity throughout their education life.


It is aimed to ensure that each student learns to play a musical instrument in line with their interests and skills and acquires an extensive musical culture. Students’ skills are reinforced with music lessons and after-school practices.

Our students pick up one of 8 different instruments in accordance with their skills, capabilities, and the guidance of their teachers, and they work together with expert instructors. A program created specifically for Darüşşafaka for each instrument type is followed. Furthermore, our students continue to practice playing their instruments during the skill workshops.

Darüşşafaka students have the opportunity to showcase their work in national and traditional ceremonies and events organized throughout the academic year. Additionally, our students, who take part in the school orchestra, get the chance to present their knowledge and competencies at the Art Night held at the end of the year.

Visual Arts

At Darüşşafaka, the visual arts program enables students to both learn about art movements and put into practice their knowledge and skills by using different materials and forms. Our students can express their feelings and thoughts, so they get one step closer to graduating as world citizens thanks to their intellectual development.

The leaders of the future can only be those who draw their inspiration from the “beautiful” and “good” and, of course, inspire those around them. Intellectual knowledge, aesthetic point of view, and principled creativity required for this to happen are the universal values that we want to instill into our students.

The products of visual arts activities are exhibited on various platforms, and our students are supported in this regard.

Ada Dijital Ajans