Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service

At our school, there are “school counselors” for all education levels, and relevant counselors monitor students until they graduate from the level the counselor is responsible for. 

Darüşşafaka Schools Counseling Program has been prepared by considering the needs and expectations of the developing and evolving world, Darüşşafaka’s vision, mission, and values.

The main purpose of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service of Darüşşafaka Schools is to support and monitor the cognitive, emotional, and social development of students. In line with this purpose, it provides protective and supportive services in order to empower the individual to improve his/her ability to understand and manage his/her as well as other people’s emotions, to set goals compatible with his/her interests, skills, and values, to boost and maintain his/her academic performance, and to strengthen his/her problem solving skills in the face of difficulties. 

Psychological counseling and guidance is a process based on empathy grounded on unconditional acceptance and respect, and our counselors adopt and act in accordance with the principles of voluntariness, trust, and confidentiality.

Works carried out by the Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PCG) Department

Works Targeting Students

By way of supporting students socially and emotionally, the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program aims to have them gain the skills that will enable them to meet the needs and expectations of the developing and evolving world.

Works carried out in this context are as follows:

Life Skills Program: It was created to improve students’ skills and competencies that address the challenges they may face throughout their lives. Activities within the scope of this program are categorized under nine main topics as Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution Skills, Rights and Responsibilities, Self-Awareness, Psychological Resilience, Objectivation of Information Tools, Future Planning, Protection from Neglect and Abuse, and Courtesy and Etiquette. The life skills program was created with a spiral progress approach; outcomes, goals, activities, and works were prepared accordingly. Additionally, integrity at each grade level was maintained. Cooperation with other disciplines is cared for in PCG activities.

Preventive Developmental Guidance: These activities aim to take certain precautions to prevent undesirable events or situations that may happen in the future and to conduct work to increase and boost the desired events and situations in the future.

  • Boarding school orientation
  • Needs-based orientation for all grade levels
  • Promotion of PCG service and info sessions about the works of PCG program
  • Individual and supportive consultancy sessions about their socio-emotional development
  • Bulletin/e-bulletin
  • Notice board
  • Seminars

Educational Guidance: Educational guidance is another area of the PCG program. Activities within this scope are aimed at ensuring that students are more efficient in their academic studies throughout their education life. Group and individual activities are implemented accordingly.

Remedial Guidance: Activities in this field aim to reduce or eliminate the effects of unwanted situations with which individuals have difficulty coping by way of intervening in the situation. In addition to individual sessions, group counseling work is also performed to solve common problems identified.

Vocational Guidance: These activities include works that enable students to recognize their interests and skills, obtain information about the professions they wish to pursue, and consider their interests and skills in relation to the occupational groups. Activities in this regard are performed in coordination with the Career Office.

Test and Inventory Activities: Tests and inventories are utilized to obtain objective data about students. These have been planned in consideration of the needs of each grade level.  In addition to the tests and inventories applied to all students, tailor-made exercises are also possible according to individual needs.

Behavior Improvement Program: The Behavior Improvement Program has been created in order to change students’ negative behaviors while reinforcing and encouraging their positive behaviors. Having been prepared based on “Darüşşafaka Values”, this program includes activities involving cooperation with different disciplines.

Works Targeting Parents

Works targeting parents are conducted with an aim to support parents’ skills throughout students’ cognitive, emotional, and social development process. Since Darüşşafaka is also a boarding school, PCG Service attaches special importance to and is exclusively sensitive about the activities targeting parents. 

Works conducted for parents are as follows:

  • Boarding school orientation
  • Bulletin/e-bulletin for parents
  • Individual and supportive consultancy sessions about students’ socio-emotional development
  • Individual and supportive consultancy sessions about students’ academic progress
  • Feedback sessions about the results of tests and inventories applied to students
  • Seminars for parents given by expert guests or the school counselors

Activities for Teachers and Residential Teachers

As the PCG Service of Darüşşafaka Schools, we continue our activities aiming to support teachers by taking into account the fact that learning is also an emotional process. Therefore, besides creating a basis for teacher-student and parent interaction, we work to strengthen the relationship between these parties. Since Darüşşafaka is also a boarding school, activities targeting our residential teachers who work in the dormitories are planned and performed as well.

 Activities carried out for teachers and residential teachers are as follows:

  • Presentation about “special students” at the beginning of the academic year
  • Information and suggestions about students during the semester
  • Practical and theoretical seminars
  • Bulletin/e-bulletins for teachers and residential teachers
  • Activities to reinforce the teacher-student relationship
  • Consultancy works for form teachers
Ada Dijital Ajans