University Prep

Goal and Aim

Through planned educational activities and efforts, we endeavor to enable our students to achieve their career goals by supporting them to be enrolled at the best universities in line with their academic qualifications.

University Prep and Program Content

The School works to ensure that students adapt to the courses such as physics, chemistry, biology, and geography that are new to them in the first year of high school while simultaneously forming the foundations of university preparation.

Students are supported with coursebooks, subject-matter learning outcomes tests, unit tests, study aids, and new generation questions. To enable students to get familiar with the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT), practice exams on subject-matter basis are conducted at certain periods. Results of tests, surveys, individual consultancy sessions, and inventories implemented by the Career Office and Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service are shared with students in particular, and parents and teachers to the extent necessary, and thus cooperation with all stakeholders is established.

University prep gets more intense in 11th grade. The number of additional test books and subject-matter screening tests used in lessons increases. Outside of school hours, students attend the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) course after school and at the weekend; they are prepared for the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT) within the scope of the course program. 11th graders’ progress is closely monitored through the frequent implementation of general TYT practice exams and subject-matter focused Field Qualification Tests (AYT). At this level, guidance service focuses on goal setting, professional self-awareness, and university and profession introductions.

Planning is done to convey, within a year, the 12th grade curriculum and the 9-10-11th grade curricula that are covered in the university entrance exam; and learning materials are selected accordingly. Classes continue throughout the week except for Sunday; and weekly YKS (TYT-AYT) practice exams, including nationwide tests, are administered throughout the year. With the appointment system, our students are able to have one-to-one question solving sessions with their teachers, four days a week, until 21:00 hours. Moreover, analyzing the results of every practice exam, we determine the topics where students have failed and plan additional work targeting those.

University prep work accelerates with intensive camps in the months of February, August, and May. At the beginning of the academic year, we look at the university and department goals of our students together with them and calculate the average number of correct answers they need to achieve those goals. Additionally, we implement the “Coaching” and “Mentoring” system established with the support of alumni in order to ensure regular monitoring of the progress of our students.

Ada Dijital Ajans