After School Activities

Extracurricular activities are as important as academic activities at Darüşşafaka Schools.

The main purpose of education is to have students gain the qualities of being an individual and to prepare these individuals for life. Throughout this journey, it is aimed for our students to be engaged in sports and art in line with their skills and sustain their engagement.

With extracurricular activities, students are supported to discover their leadership qualities and communication skills, develop self-confidence, bring out and emphasize their personal skills and interests, care about society, and be dutiful.

While planning after-school sports and art activities, we take into consideration the social, cultural, and physical needs of our students.

Sports Activities

By regular participation of our students in sports activities, we aim to ensure that they

  • have the physical fitness appropriate for their age,
  • develop their knowledge and skills about movement and turn these skills into habits,
  • know sports rules,
  • develop their movement skills and a sharing culture through team sports,
  • develop an individual competitive tenacity in individual sports activities,
  • are able to use the skills they have developed positively in their lives, and
  • grow up to be sociable individuals with an improved awareness of sports through sports events.

Once the students join our school, they are placed in sports teams according to the results of the skill tests and in line with their wishes.

Our School offers activities in 44 categories in a total of 12 branches of sports including athletics, basketball, badminton, dance, floorball, football, folk dances, handball, gymnastics, table tennis, chess, and volleyball.

Other Activities

Under the guidance of our expert teachers and trainers, Darüşşafaka students also participate in after-school activities in the fields of visual arts, music, astronomy, and drama and some skills workshops in line with their interests and skills.

After a period of training, our students have the chance to present their performances in various events and ceremonies organized at our School.

Ada Dijital Ajans