Students From Germany Hosted by students of Darüşşafaka!

Students From Germany Hosted By students of Darüşşafaka!

Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions continue to provide their students with the opportunity to participate in international programs, and to realize joint research projects with their peers from different countries, and to further improve their English speaking skills as a part of its “Equal Opportunities in Education” mission.   

8th grade students of Darüşşafaka performed some joint works in Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions with 2 teachers and 5 students from Wirstcahft School in Neuburg, Germany.  

During the week of 15-20 October, students participated in some cultural and physical activities, and called attention to the importance of leading an active life and having social skills, and found the opportunity of further improvement to their English language skills.

Hip hop dance, adventure park activity and art activities

Students of Darüşşafaka, accompanied by guest students from Germany, participated in a hip hop dancing activity, as well as other constructive activities in an adventure park in Kemerburgaz. As well as participating in a tile-making activity in the art workshop, the students conferred about the positive effects of such types of activities on the further development of their hobbies, and their living away from stress.    

Virtual museum tour, short film watching and cooking activity

Guest teachers and students from Germany, accompanied by students of Darüşşafaka, participated in a virtual museum tour in the VR Lab at the school, and watched a short film in the planetarium.  Guest teachers and students cooked a dessert of their own cuisine in the school kitchen together with students of Darüşşafaka, and shared their recipe with their friends.   

Two different cultures, joint projects and presentations Guest students and students of Darüşşafaka realized joint projects and presentations about the effects of social media on human beings, and the similarities and differences of two different cultures.

Ada Dijital Ajans